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During World War II (From 7-9th December 1942 onwards), the 305th Bombardment Group (Heavy) was based at the airfield of Chelveston, Station 105 close to the village of Chelveston (England) after moving from their temporary base of Grafton Underwood. Being part of the Eighth Air Force (Mighty Eighth) 1st division, within the 40th Combat Wing, the 305th Bomb Group consisted of four flying squadrons, the 364th, 365th, 366th and 422nd. Also attached to the group as ground units where the 325th Service Group (Headquarters Personnel), 413rd Air Service Squadron (Maintenance and major airframe repairs) , 2nd Station Complement Squadron (Responsible for the maintenance of bricks and mortar at the base, fire crews, flying control and communications), 1623 Ordnance MM Company (Maintenance of the bomb dump and vehicles etc), 875th Chemical Company (responsible for incendiary bombs and pyrotechnics), 1121st Quartermaster Company (Domestic welfare, food etc), S2 (Intelligence) and the 983rd MP Company (Military Police).

During the years between 1942-45 approximately 8,000 Americans passed through Chelveston, with towards the end of the war, up to 4,000 men in residence at the base at one time. 769 + young men, gave their lives to preserve freedom for all. The group flew 480 combat missions overall and over 174 of the group’s aircraft (B-17’s “Flying Fortresses”) were shot down or destroyed.